6 Benefits Of A Pre-Purchase Evaluation

Most people know about Home Inspections. Having an expert check the systems of a house and bring up areas of concern is a great idea. But what about the information they don't offer? MCG helps close the gap with our Pre-Purchase Evaluations:

Estimate costs of repairs

No house is perfect, and repairs can be expensive. Home Inspectors may point out needed repairs, but knowing how much they cost is essential.

Identify structural issues

We check for signs of structural instability. If we find something, we let you know what it means. Often times, it's not as bad as it looks!

Provide renovation options and cost ranges

How much will it cost to add a bathroom? Renovate the kitchen? Build an addition? Gut renovate the whole thing? These are questions we can help answer.

Identify potential permitting issues

Un-Permitted work can be a huge liability which transfers to the new owner. We've identified violations which have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to remedy.

Discover code violations

Code violations can range from inconsequential to life threatening. Some are required to be fixed, others can be "Grandfathered in". We'll help you identify which are which.

Grant access to our extensive network of specialists

We're not in it alone. If there are issues we don't handle, there's a good chance we can direct you to someone who does.

Get the answers you need before closing. Our 1 Hour Pre-Purchase Evaluations cost $150 and can save you a fortune. If trouble is found, we'll direct you towards services to get it resolved. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call- We're here to help!

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