Our Process

1. Schedule a complimentary Site Visit for your home.

Complete our Intake Form and we will reach out to schedule your site visit.

  • If you would like preliminary information, you may also begin with a complementary  Email Assessment .

  • If you are looking to build an addition, please provide us with a copy of your Plat or Survey so we may perform a Zoning Analysis to identify what you can build as a matter of right.

  • If you do not yet own the home, your first step would be to order a Pre-Purchase Evaluation.

  • After your complimentary Site Visit, you will receive a Preliminary Project Report summarizing your requested scope, offering preliminary pricing estimates, and explaining your next steps.

2. Engage MCG for a Schematic Design Package.

  • Generally, we schedule new Schematic Design Packages about 3 weeks from purchase.
  • Choose one of our Selection Packages as a starting point.  This allows us to provide a more accurate initial budget.  Your finish selections can be changed and updated later in the process.

  • During this phase, we will provide CAD drawings, views, and cost ranges for up to 3 renovation options.

  • You will be given an Online Account Portal through the MCG website offering a single login to manage and view your documents, designs, selections and progress photos.

3. Select which renovation option/combination of options you would like to develop.
4. MCG offers you a Design Development proposal
  • This proposal is tailored to your specific project and normally includes: Permit Drawings, Structural/Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC Engineering details, and various other items required by your jurisdiction.
  • During this phase, you will customize your material selections to better suit your needs and tastes.

  • This phase will take you through Permit Issuance, so you will be ready to begin construction after completion.

  • All design materials are your property, and you can use them to secure other bids if you desire.

  • Dependent on your choice of renovation options or jurisdiction requirements, and based on the determination of your Architectural Designer, we may refer you to an Architectural Firm if we believe they will better suit your needs.

5. After your Design Development is complete, we will provide a proposal to construct your project.
6. Once the construction contract is signed and your deposit is paid, we will assign your start date.
  • Your schedule will be added to your MCG online portal for your review.

  • Payments can be made via ACH (online check) or physical check. 

  • If you are working with bank financing, please let us know as soon as possible so we may get things set up with your financial institution.  

7. A brief “What to expect” call will be scheduled to familiarize you with the construction process and answer any questions you might have.
8. Prior to your start date, a Pre-Construction Meeting will be scheduled with you, your Architectural Designer, and your Project Manager.
9. Construction will commence on your assigned start date and continue per the schedule communicated to you by your Project Manager.
10. Once all jurisdiction inspections have passed, and your project is substantially complete, we will schedule a walkthrough with your Project Manager.
  • At the time of walkthrough, we will work with you to identify any outstanding items which need to be addressed and document them on your Project Orientation Sheet (also known as “Punch List”).

  • All your warranty documentation and product information will be given to you in hard copy and/or uploaded to your online portal.

11. After all items on your Project Orientation List are complete, you will be issued your final invoice and your MCG warranties will be activated. Your online portal will remain accessible for your reference and/or for future projects or warranty items.
12. After everything is wrapped up, we schedule a professional cleaning for your home.
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