Architectural Services

The foundation of a Design-Build firm is having an experienced Architectural Design team ready to help you develop your goals into a beautiful and functional reality. We will pair you up with an Architectural Designer who will help you navigate the ins and outs of zoning, permitting, and city Architectural boards while creating a cohesive plan with your spatial priorities and personal aesthetic in mind. Our team has years of combined experience working in Washington DC, City of Alexandria, Fairfax, & Arlington counties on projects such as remodels, full-gut renovations, additions, and new builds. Whether your goals are maximizing resale value or creating your custom dream home, our Architectural Designers are ready for the opportunity to problem-solve and create.

The typical process starts with a Zoning Analysis, if applicable, which evaluates the zoning restrictions for your property, determining what you will be able to construct. Once complete, a complementary site visit will be scheduled, allowing us to provide you with a Preliminary Project Report. Then, you will meet with your Architectural Designer for a site measure to establish goals, budgets, and other criteria. From there, we create 3 layout options during our Schematic Design phase to narrow down which design direction we will develop further for the permit process. While we finesse plan details and coordinate with the jurisdiction on permitting, we also work with you on choosing your interior finishes.

Once construction commences, the Architectural Design team stays involved to ensure construction follows the designed vision by answering questions the field team may have and helping to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise along the way. Working closely with an Architectural Designer also increases flexibility throughout the construction process. Design changes, additions, or upgrades (known as change orders) can be implemented much more efficiently with their professional expertise. This process reduces the uncertainty of navigating a construction project by giving you a personalized team to help guide you through each step and design consideration and easily pass your plans to our in-house and vetted crews. A more comprehensive outline of our process can be found here.

The Architectural Design team is involved with your project from start to finish. Their primary responsibilities and services include:

  • Zoning analysis
  • Site measures
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Navigation of zoning regulations and Architectural boards
  • Create and submit permit set
  • Sourcing and consultation on interior finishes
  • Develop final construction and detail set
  • Additional permit services (variances, appeals, etc.)
  • Site visits during construction