Deal Analytics: Estimating

Prior to purchasing a property, investors or potential homeowners need cost analysis to know if the purchase makes sense.  Moore Construction Group offers three different options to satisfy your needs:

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Email Analysis: No Charge

  • Customer to provide scope of work
  • Customer to provide photos and/or video of the property
  • Rough cost range provided
  • Typically, within 20-30% of final project cost

Onsite Analysis: $150

  • Customer to walk site with MCG Representative to discuss scope of work (1 hr maximum onsite)
  • Provide expert opinions and suggestions regarding scope
  • Provide direction to applicable MCG Service
  • Rough cost range provided (written Estimate may not be provided depending on circumstances and conditions)
  • NOTE:: If you would like one of our staff Master tradesman (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC) or structural engineers to attend as well, please make sure to purchase the respective hours. If you have any questions, please call us at 888.486.6673, or email us at
  • *No refunds are given once site visit has been performed. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance for refunds.


Feasibility Study: Hourly Rates

  • MCG Architectural Designer to visit property to measure and develop basic As-Built and Renovation drawings
  • Customer to walk site with Architectural Designer to discuss scope of work
  • MCG Architectural Designer to provide suggestions regarding scope of work and design
  • Customer to receive detailed written cost estimate from take offs of MCG Architectural plans
  • PDF of As-built and Renovation drawings included
  • Historically between 10-20% of final project costs
  • Work performed as part of the Feasibility Study which is required for the permit pack will lower the rate for the permit pack


Hourly Rates:

Senior MCG Management $200/hr
Licensed Project Manager $150/hr
Architectural Designer $150/hr
Engineer Cost +15%
Interior/Landscape Designer $105/hr

A typical Feasibility Study ranges from $1,500-$2,000. These costs, however, are applied towards "Permit Pack" as described below, should you elect to move forward in the process.


Deal Analytics: Permits and Construction

After closing on your new property, in order to properly perform construction operations, a detailed plan needs to be developed.  The beginning of any construction project plan begins with attaining all required permits required by the local governing jurisdiction.  After receiving the Permit Pack, you will have construction documents ready to file for permits.