Order Timeline from Next Day Cabinets

5655 General Washington Drive

Unit E

Alexandria, VA 22312

Customer: Moore Construction Group

3335 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


Wellborn Forest Americana Captial

Atlanta Raised Panel

Arctic White & Oyster Gray

Notes Regarding Correspondence and Timeline

NDC Report1.jpg
NDC Report2.jpg
NDC Report3.jpg
NDC Report4.jpg
NDC Report5.jpg
NDC Report7.jpg

List provided by MCG by request of NDC after initial meeting to compile order

NDC Report7.jpg

Original NDC cabinet quote with no itemized list of order

NDC Report8.jpg

No cabinet list was provided by NDC only the attached 20/20 drawing with missing notes

and missing labels on cabinets and a lump sum estimate whcih made it difficult to catch

mistake made with the order ahead of time. The list on the previous page was provided

by MCG to NDC on 7/24/18. NDC replied to email with list on 7/31/18 with quotation and

drawing. In addition to the subpar communication and poor customer service and inaccurate

delivery dates, the issues below can be tied directly to specific cabinets in the layout

Issues that were resolved by NDC

C. Replaced by NDC for correct size

G. MCG takes partial responsibility for this, but also both NDC and Wellborn Forest should have raised their hands and said why are we ordering only two ADA compliant cabinets and nothing else.

I. Cabinet was replaced when it initially arrived

Issues that were not resolved or Issues that were resolved by NDC

resolved inadequately by NDC

A. The correct front finally arrived 1/11/19 over 4 months after initial cabinet order arrived.

B. The BUKOP12 was not replaced with the correct insert.

D. The RW3618 was not replaced by NDC. MCG field finished the interior of the cabinet and infilled the hinge pockets

E. MCG field installed skins on sides of cabinet

F. Pull out trays arrive wider than the cabinet the first time they were sent months later. Then they were sent again and were still too wide and MCG had to disassemble and sand them down to fit. MCG field installed skins on side of cabinet

H. MCG field installed skins on side of cabinet