Home Design:  5 Secrets to Getting the Home You Want

Join us as Nate Moore, CEO of Moore Construction Group, presents "HOME DESIGN: 5 SECRETS TO GETTING THE HOME YOU WANT".  Whether you are in the market to buy a new home or wish to update your current house, this course will teach you to get the home you want. 


Define it!

Identify what you'd like to change about the house

Design it!

 Develop a design you're happy with

Bid it!

Get pricing for your design

Build it!

Engage a construction firm to execute on your design

Buy it!

Determine if it makes better sense to renovate or buy a new house and start fresh



Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide homeowners, real estate professionals, and those looking to buy their first home with the tools they need to get the home they want. We will teach attendees how to create a vision for their home, solve the issues with their space, personalize the feel of the home, and make it all a reality.  We will also cover current design trends including:

  • New materials
  • Trending cabinet styles
  • Popular colors
  • Countertop solutions (Granite/Quartz/Concrete etc.)
  • Home automation

Finally, attendees will learn how to receive accurate and comprehensive estimates, understand costs, and determine if they should renovate or sell and buy something new!